William Chick
of Pittsylvania Co., VA

William Chick, possibly a son of John Cheek, Jr. of Essex and King & Queen Co., VA (but this is not proven), was probably born between 1720-1730, and died 1790 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He m. Susannah, last name unknown.

Children of William & Susannah Chick:

  1. William Chick, Jr. Named in his father's 1790 will; no other info; may have left the area?
  2. Richard Chick, probably b. 1750's-1760's. Appears on Pittsylvania Co. tax lists in 1782 and 1787. Possibly the Richard CHEEK who is on the 1785 tax list in Bedford Co., VA (which adjoins Pittsylvania's northern border). Witnessed deeds in Pittsylvania Co., VA, in 1780. Named in his father's 1790 will. Possibly the Richard CHEEK who is listed in the 1830 census of Claiborne Co., TN (age 70-79) and the 1840 census of Jefferson Co., TN (age 79; veteran). Sons may include Dudley CHEEK & Corbin CHEEK.
  3. Hardin (Harding) Chick, b. 1765-1770's; d. Apr./May 1819, Christian Co., KY; m. Nancy SCATES or SEATS, Dec. 26, 1789, Halifax Co., VA. Settled the estate of Preston GILBERT, July 21, 1807. (Pittsylvania Accounts Current Book 4, p.82.) Listed in the 1810 census of Christian Co., KY. Will dated Apr. 20, 1819, proved May 3, 1819, names wife Nancy and "my children" (not identified); witnesses were Jno. CLARK & Noah BRUNK. (Christian Co., KY, WB C, p.225.) Nancy subsequently moved to Callaway Co., MO, with eight children: Elizabeth, Polly, Nancy, Fanny, Frank, Lucy, Adeline and Joseph. She had 6 other children, Elijah, William, Harding, Asa, Alexander, and Amanda, who remained in KY. (Source: Bryan & Bryan, Pioneer Families of Missouri (St. Louis: Brand & Co., 1876).)
  4. Anderson Chick, b. bef. 1775; d. 1820-1830, Madison or Walton Co., GA; m. Lucy BROWN, Sept. 10, 1792, Campbell Co., VA (minister's returns); marriage bond posted Oct. 9, 1792, John BROWN, bondsman. Appraised the estate of P. GILBERT, Apr. 19, 1806. (Pittsylvania Accounts Current Book 4, p.12.) Moved to Madison Co., GA, by 1820 when he appears in the census. His son James B. CHICK and (possible) son Robert CHICK were in Walton Co., GA, by 1830. James B. CHICK m. Sarah FLOYD and d. bef. 1840. No further info on Robert.
  5. Susannah Chick, m. James KING, son of Robert KING & Mary CASON. James KING died in 1776 leaving 3 young children: Mary KING, Nancy KING, & James KING, Jr. No further record of Susannah. Note there are records of a "Chason CHEEK" in Jefferson Co., TN, as early as 1814 (along with a Jesse CHEEK & Wilson CHEEK); listed on the 1830 census of Jefferson Co., TN, and 1840 census of Marshall Co., AL. May be a connection with the Cason surname?


William Cheek/Chick came to Pittysylvania Co., VA, from Caroline Co., VA, in 1763.  He was possibly a son of John Cheek, Jr., of Essex and King & Queen Counties, VA, but this is not proven.  John Cheek Jr. probably had a son named William, based on an account book kept by the merchant Ninian BOOG (Magazine of VA Genealogy, Vol. 28-29); see notes under John Cheek, Jr.  According to Halifax Co., VA, Deed Book 5, p.16, William Chick of Pittsylvania County originally came from Drysdale Parish, Caroline Co., VA, which is where John Cheek, Jr., and his family lived.  Therefore, it seems likely that the William Chick of Pittsylvania was related to John Cheek, Jr., but the evidence is circumstantial.

Sept. 14, 1759. William CHICK was paid as a witness in Caroline Co., VA. (Caroline County Order Books.)

Dec. 3, 1763. Halifax Co., VA. Charles DEAN & wife Ursula to William CHEEK of Caroline County and Parish of Drisdale, 400 acres on both sides of Straitstone Creek, £155. No witnesses. (Halifax DB 5, p.16.)

Note:  Straightstone Creek is located in the part of Halifax County that became Pittsylvania County in 1767.  Drysdale Parish was located in the lower part of Caroline Co., VA, and the upper part of King & Queen County. (See notes & map under John Cheek, Jr.)

1760's-1770's. The court order books of Caroline County contain numerous references to a William CHICK who was involved in various lawsuits from 1759 through 1773. This may or may not be the same William CHICK who purchased land in Halifax (Pittsylvania) County in 1763. Once William moved to Pittsylvania County, it would have been difficult for him to remain involved in so much litigation. Although it is possible he remained in Caroline County for a period of time (perhaps entrusting his land in Pittsylvania to an overseer), he was definitely in Pittsylvania County by 1768 when according to the vestry book of Camden Parish, he was appointed to procession land. Therefore, it seems likely that the William Chick who is found in the Caroline County court records (at least those after the mid-1760's) was a different individual. Due to the enormous loss of records from the Tidewater Virginia region in the Civil War, it is difficult to be sure of all the family connections.

Pittsylvania County, est. 1767, was named in honor of the English statesman William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, who vigorously supported American causes in Parliament. The word "Pittsylvania" means "Pitt's Woods."

1767. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Wm. CHECK appears on the first tax list taken in Pittsylvania County. Listed with him are Joseph LUCK, overseer, and Negroes Peter and Jane; in all 3 titheables, 400 acres.

Nov. 1768. Vestry Book of Camden Parish, Pittsylvania Co., VA. "Thomas DILLARD, Francis LUCK, Edmund KING and William CHICK are appointed to Procession all the patented land below DOSS's Road beginning at DOSS's on Staunton River. Thence along DOSS's Road to CLEMENT Road, thence along CLEMENT Road to HICKEY's Road to HAINES' thence along HICKEY's Road to County line, thence along county line to Staunton River, up Staunton River to DOSS's." (Maud Carter Clement, Pittsylvania County, Virginia History (orig. pub. 1929).)

July 1770. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK, Benjamin LANKFORD, William COLLINS, & John VAUGHN appointed to appriase the estate of George THOMAS, Dec'd. Letters of administration granted to William THOMAS with Peter PERKINS & Henry DICKSON, securities. (Pittsylvania Court Record Bk 1, p.211.) Inventory and appraisal returned Oct. 23, 1770. (Pittsylvania DB 2, p.67.)

Nov. 28, 1771. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK, Edmund KING, William COLLINS, John VAUGHAN, George EVANS, and Byrd PREWITT ordered to procession a parcel of land bounded by James DOSS, CLEMENTS, HICKY, HARNESS, the County Line, and the Stanton River. (Vestry Book of Camden Parish, Pittsylvania Co., VA, 1767-1821).

1776. William CHICK's son-in-law James KING died and William CHICK was appointed guardian of his orphans. (See Lucile C. Payne, Pittsylvania County Inventories & Accounts).

1777. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK signed an Oath of Allegiance.

July 23, 1778. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK filed accounts as guardian of the orphans of James KING. (Pittsylvania Accounts Current 1, p.90.)

May 17, 1780. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Richard CHEEK witnessed a deed from Joseph COLLINS of Halifax Co., VA, to Thomas DAVIS of Amelia Co., VA, two tracts of land in Pittsylvania (400 acres and 10 acres) on Straightstone Creek and Allens Creek Mountain adj. Daniel HAMBLIN & Isaac ECHOLS. Others witnesses were Nathaniel HENDRICK and John CRADDOCK. (Pittsylvania DB 5, p.530.)

May 17, 1780. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Richard CHEEK witnessed a deed from Joseph COLLINS of Halifax Co., VA, to James MITCHELL of Amelia Co., VA, 400 acres in Pittsylvania on Straightstone Creek adj. Isaac ECHOLS. Other witnesses were William POLLARD, Cornelius MCHANEY, Nathaniel HENDRICK, & John CRADDOCK. (Pittsylvania DB 6, p.13.)

May 23, 1780. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Survey of 415 acres on Strait Stone Creek for Edmund KING refers to land owned by Thomas DILLARD, William CHICK, and James DILLARD. (Pittsylvania DB 5, p.542; Pittsylvania Survey Book.)

June 5, 1780. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHEEK witnessed a deed from Edmund KING & wife Elizabeth to Joseph WEST, 150 acres adjacent to Isaac ALLEN's old line, now William CHEEK. (Pittsylvania DB 6, p.369.)

Aug. 1780. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK filed his account of the estate of James KING. (Pittsylvania Accounts Current 1, p.91.)

1782. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK & Rich'd CHICK appear on a tax list. Note there is also a William CHICK who appears on tax lists in Halifax Co., VA, in 1782 and 1785.

July 1785. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHICK filed accounts as guardian of the orphans of James KING. (Pittsylvania Accounts Current 1, p.205.)

Sept. 26, 1786. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Lucy CHICK & William MCKENNIE posted a marriage bond. (Maybe she was a daughter or granddaughter of William CHICK?)

1787. Pittsylvania Co., VA. William CHEEK & Richard CHEEK appear on a tax list.

1790. The will of William CHICK, dated Mar. 28, 1790, proved May 17, 1790, names wife Susannah; sons William, Richard, Hardin, and Anderson; grandsons James KING and Dudley CHICK. Execs: Susannah CHICK, William CHICK, Hardin CHICK. Wits: Ben LANKFORD, John WEST. (Source: T.P. Hughes & J.B. Standefer, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Abstracts of Wills, 1768 - 1800, p.11.)