Female Names in the Upper New River Valley of North Carolina, 1700's to about 1850
Spelling Variations of Female Names
in the Upper New River Valley of North Carolina
The following is a list of spelling variations that I have actually encountered in records from the Upper New River Valley.  This is only a sample; many other variations exist.  When doing your genealogy research, keep in mind that the names you are looking for might be spelled in strange and variable ways.
Agnes -- Agness, Agnus, Aggia, Agga, Aggy, Ackey

Alice/Elsa -- Aly, Ally, Alley, Alie, Ailey, Alea, Alcey, Alsa, Alsey, Alsia, Alsy, Ausley, Elzy, Usley

Amelia -- Emilla, Melia, Milla, Millia, Millie, Milly

-- Anis, Ennice, Enez, Inez

-- Ermintha, Emarintha, Minta, Mintha, Minty

Asenath -- Cenith, Cinith, Seneth, Cenia, Cena, Ciney, Sena, Seeny, Scinia, Scenah

Aurelia/Amaryllis -- Emerilla, Merilla, Oriller

Barbara -- Barbary, Barbry, Barbra, Brabary

Barsheba -- Barsheby, Barsena, Sheby

Belinda -- Balinda, Blinda

Candice -- Candis, Candes, Candas, Candace

Cassandra -- Cassandren, Casandra, Cansada, Kassanna

Catherine/Katherine -- Catherin, Cathaney, Kathany, Cathany, Catey, Caty

Celia -- Selia, Sely, Sealy, Seley, Selah, Selia, Selih, Clia, Celah

Charlotte -- Charlet, Charlote, Charlott, Charlot, Charlotta, Charlotty

Chloe -- Cloey, Chloah

Christina -- Christena, Christenia, Cristenia, Crisleny, Christener, Christeener

Cindarella -- Sindiriller

Clarissa -- Clarisa, Clerisa, Clarica, Claricy, Clarissy, Clacy, Clarice

-- Cinthia, Cintha, Cinthy, Cynthy, Synthia, Syntha, Synthy, Sunthay

Delilah -- Delila, Delilla, Delilia, Delily

Diana -- Dianna, Diannah, Dianer

Dorcas -- Darcas, Darkis

Eleanor -- Elleanor, Ellanor, Elenor, Elanor, Elonar, Eloner, Eliner, Elinor, Eliany, Elender, Ela, Elena, Leonor, Leanner, Leanzy, Leuany, Leaney, Nelly, Nealy

Elizabeth -- Alesebeth, Elisabeth, Elezabeth, Elezebeth, Eleizabeth, Eliezabeth, Elebeth, Elizath, Elizth, Eliza, Elisa, Liza, Lissy, Lissey, Sibba, Sibby, Zibby, Betsy, Betsey, Bettie

Emily/Emeline/Emma -- Emaly, Emely, Emela, Emarey, Emaline, Emalin, Emelina, Emmy, Emmar, Emer

Hannah -- Hanah, Hanna, Hanner

-- Jamima, Gemima, Gamima

Jincy -- Jincey, Jansey, Jensey, Ginsey, Gincy

Joanna -- Johannah, Joannah, Joana, Gohannah, Juanar

Julia/Juliana -- Juley, Gilly, Gillea, Julian, Julina, Juliann, Julyann, July Ann, Julany

Keziah -- Kezziah, Kessiah, Kisiah, Kissia, Kizzah, Cissiah, Cisiah

Laura -- Lorry, Laury, Lawry, Lowry

Louisa -- Luisa, Luiza, Louisa, Lewizy, Luisy, Leusy

Lucinda/Lucy -- Luesinda, Lucindy, Lewcindy, Lusidia, Lucey, Luecy

Lydia -- Lyddia, Lidia, Lidda, Liddy, Lidy, Lity, Ledia, Eliddy

Mahala -- Mahalah, Mahuldah, Mahaley, Mehaly, Mahaly, Mahuldy, Hiley, Hily, Hila, Hyla

Margaret/Peggy -- Margarett, Margaratt, Margarit, Margret, Marget, Marga, Margary, Marg, Maggie, Marjory, Peggy, Pegga, Pega, Piggey

Martha/Patsy -- Marth, Marthy, Marthey, Mathey, Patsy, Patcy, Patsey, Patty, Pattie

Mary -- Marey, Marry, Merey, Mara, Marah, Maria, Mariah, Marian, Marion, Mareann, Maryan

Matilda -- Matilday, Metilder, Tilda, Tildy, Tilde

Melinda -- Mellinda, Milinda, Millenda, Malinda, Malinday, Malindann, Milender

Minerva -- Manerva, Manurvy, Manervy, Marnevy, Minervy, Miner

Myra -- Mira, Miry, Mirah

Nancy -- Nancey, Nansey, Nanney

Naomi -- Neoma, Mioma, Miomy, Maomy

Narcissa -- Narcessa, Narcesa, Narssa, Narsisia, Cissier, Cisy

Pheraby -- Fariba, Feriba, Fariby, Ferraby, Pheribe, Pheroby

Phoebe -- Phebe, Pheba, Feby, Pheby, Phoe, Phebea, Pheboe, Pheebe, Phoeba, Phoeby

Rachel -- Rachell, Rachael, Racheal, Rachaiel

Rebecca -- Rebeca, Rebeccah, Rebeckea, Rebecah, Rebeckah, Rebaca, Rebecha, Rebeccy, Rebecky, Babecha

Rhoda -- Roda, Rody, Ruda, Rode

Rose, etc. -- Roser, Rosey, Rosie, Rausy, Rawsy, Rucia, Rosanna, Rosanah, Rosann, Rosan, Rosamond, Rosymond, Rausamond, Rausamon, Rauzymon

Selena -- Selenia, Silinia, Celina, Salina, Salena, Salene, Selanena

Sarah -- Sariah, Sary, Sarrey, Sorey, Sallie, Salley

Susanna -- Susannah, Susanah, Suana, Sussana, Susanney, Susanar, Susey, Sucky, Suckey, Sukie, Sushey

Sylvia/Sylvania -- Silvana, Sylvaney, Silphia, Silvaia, Silfy

Temperance -- Temporance, Tempy, Timpy

Tennessee -- Tinnisee, Tenssee, Tennessa, Tincy

Tirzah/Theresa -- Thursey, Thursa, Tharsey, Terosea, Terracy
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