William Cheek
of Warren County, NC

William Cheek, son of Richard CHEEK, Sr., & Jane RANDLE(?), was probably born roughly 1720 in Essex Co., VA, and died 1800 in Warren Co., NC. He married Sarah Blake, daughter of William & Mary BLAKE, before 1755 in Granville Co., NC.

Children of William Cheek & Sarah Blake:

  1. John Cheek, probably b. abt. 1750-1755, Granville Co., NC; d. Jan. 20, 1827, Warren Co., NC; m. Sarah THORPE, Dec. 21, 1773, Bute Co., NC (b. 1750-1760; d. 1830-1840).  In 1775-1776, John CHEEK of Bute Co., NC, signed Oaths of Allegiance to the State of NC.  On Feb. 27, 1789, John CHEEK & wife Sally deeded slaves & land to daughters Nanny CHEEK & Polly CHEEK (Warren WB 5, p.56.)  On Aug. 18, 1800, John CHEEK deeded 9 slaves to daughter Mary COLEMAN wife of Jacob COLEMAN. (Warren WB 10, p.324.)  Listed in the census of Warren Co., NC, 1790-1820.  Died Jan. 20, 1827; death notice pub. in the Raleigh Register on Jan. 30, 1827.  Sally CHEEK, age 70-79, is listed in 1830 census of Warren Co., NC. Children: Nancy Cheek (c.1775) m. David Hyde NEWELL; Mary Cheek (c.1779) m. Jacob COLEMAN.
  2. Phoebe Cheek, probably b. abt. 1750-1755, Granville or Bute Co., NC; d. unk.; m. Matthew GOODRICH, Dec. 1, 1780, Warren Co., NC (d. July 1813, York Dist., SC). They were living in Warren Co., NC, in 1786 when "Mathias GOODRICH" appears on a tax list. Moved to Mecklenburg Co., NC, bef. 1792, when Matthew GOODRICH of Meck. gave power of attorney to Randolph CHEEK of Warren concerning soldier's pay. (Matthew was a Revolutionary War veteran.) July 10, 1810, Matthew paid $15 to lease 360 acres of land in York Dist., SC, for 99 years. The 1810 census of York, SC, indicates he was living in the part of the District "within the Indian lands" (i.e., the Catawba Reservation, which was located at the border of SC and Mecklenburg Co., NC). Matthew GOODRICH died 1813; estate sale Oct. 28, 1813, identifies wife Nancy GOODRICH (probably a 2nd wife) and 6 children. Children: Elizabeth (m. unk. WEATHERS); Mary (m. Zebulon JACKSON); William GOODRICH, John GOODRICH; unk. daughter (m. James BOBBITT); and Silas Cheek GOODRICH.
  3. +Randolph Cheek, probably b. 1750's-1760's, Granville or Bute Co., NC; may have d. 1807, Smith Co., TN (but sources conflict); m. unk. GREEN in Warren Co., NC.
  4. Martha Cheek, probably b. 1750's-1760's, Granville or Bute Co., NC; d. 1838, McMinnville, Warren Co., TN; m. (1) Francis SMART (SMARTT), Dec. 29, 1784, Warren Co., NC; (2) Joseph COLVILLE, Dec. 25, 1801, probably TN. Martha & Francis SMARTT moved to Mecklenburg Co., NC, bef. 1790. Francis probably died around 1800 and Martha went to TN with her sons, where she married Joseph COLVILLE. Children: William Cheek SMARTT (1785), George R. SMARTT (c.1793), Bennett SMARTT, Silas Cheek COLVILLE (1804), Jane Lowery COLVILLE (1809). (See Moore & Foster, Tennessee, The Volunteer State, Vol. 2 (Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1923), biography of James Polk Smartt. "Francis Smartt was a soldier of the Revolutionary war. His son, William Cheek Smartt, settled in Warren county, Tennessee, in 1800, having come to this state with his two brothers, George and Bennett, and two sisters.")
  5. Mary Cheek, probably b. 1760's-1770's, Granville or Bute/Warren, NC; d. unk; m. John SMITH. In 1792, they were founding members of Sugar Creek Church (now Flint Hill Baptist Church) in York Dist., SC. John SMITH died testate in 1813 in York Dist., SC; his will, dated Aug. 25, 1813, recorded Oct. 26, 1813, names wife Mary; children Elizabeth, Jane, Robert, & Joseph SMITH; grandson John Cheek SMITH; granddaughter Jane HARRIS daughter of Phoebe HARRIS; executors William H. SMITH, Robert SMITH; Joseph SMITH; Wits. Kairn HENDERSON, B. BENSON, William PETTUS. Note: grandson John Cheek SMITH was probably a son of Cheek SMITH who m. Rebeckah SMART, Jan. 31, 1803, Mecklenburg Co., NC; and d. 1807 in York Dist., SC (admin. bond posted Aug. 11, 1807, by Thos. B. SMITH with Benj. PARSONS & Matt MARABLE).
  6. Rebecca Cheek, probably b. 1760's-1770; d. bef. 1797; m. James BURROW, May 31, 1788, Warren Co., NC.
  7. +Robert Tynes Cheek, b. 1770-1774, Bute Co., NC; d. 1841, Warren Co., NC; m. Mary Hinton ALSTON, daughter of James ALSTON & Sarah KEARNY, Apr. 11, 1802, Warren Co., NC (b. Oct. 22, 1782; d. 1864).
  8. +Silas Cheek, b. 1765-1774, Bute Co., NC; d. May 19, 1810, Mecklenburg Co., NC; never married, but had four children by widow Mary ARMSTRONG SMARTT.


William Cheek of Warren Co., NC, was the oldest son of Richard "of Beaufort" Cheek and is named in Richard's 1743 will. It is not clear exactly when he was born -- 1720 is a rough estimate. He first appears on a tax list in Granville Co., NC, in 1749. He married Sarah BLAKE of Granville County, NC, prior to Mar. 1755 when her father William Blake deeded 250 acres on Fishing Creek to "William Cheek who intermarried with my loving daughter Sarah." (Granville Deed Book B, p.483.) This area became part of Bute County in 1764 and Warren County in 1779. Records indicate that William's land was located in the vicinity of Wolfpit Branch of Fishing Creek, which is about 8 miles southeast of Warrenton. View a Google map.

William died testate in 1800 in Warren Co., NC. His will, dated Oct. 14, 1797, proved Feb. 1800, names wife Sarah, sons John, Randolph, Silas, & Robert T.; daughters Martha SMART, Phoebe GOODRICH, & Mary SMITH wife of John SMITH. Exec: Robert T. CHEEK. Wit: Jesse PERSON and Amy PERSON. (Warren Will Book 10, pp.213-217, 314; also Will Book 2, p.22; Estate Book 1, p.25.)

Some sources also include a son, William CHEEK who died 1780, and an unknown daughter who married Henry JACKSON. Verification is needed.


Sept. 28, 1728. Spotsylvania Co., VA. Richard CHEEK Jr. and William CHEEK of St. George's Parish in Spotsylvania Co., VA, granted 1,000 acres in said parish and county adj. John MULKEY. (VA Land Office Book 13 p.321)

Note: St. George's Parish was located in the upper part of Spotsylvania that became Orange County, VA, in 1732. This may be the very first record concerning William and his brother Richard Cheek Jr., although they must have been quite young at the time. It is possible that Richard Sr. was using his underage sons to secure rights to free land in Spotsylvania County. At the time, the Virginia goverment was waiving land patent fees in Spotsylvania in order to encourage settlement. This patent was taken over by Henry WILLIS on June 10, 1737, "Richard CHEEK and William CHEEK having failed to make such Cultivation and Improvements" as required by the original grant. (VA Patent Book No. 17, p.360.) Henry Willis was a neighbor of Richard Cheek, Sr. (See VA Patent Book No. 14, p.29.) The Cheek family left for North Carolina around 1730, which would explain why the property was abandoned.

1743. Beaufort Co., NC. William CHEEK is named in his father Richard CHEEK's will, dated Sept. 29, 1743; recorded in Beaufort Co., NC, Apr. 30, 1745. He received 150 acres "Beginning at the mouth of a branch of the Low side of my mill Creek opposite to JOHN BURNEY's Corn feald". (Will Bk. N, p.144.)

Geographic Note: Granville County was formed from Edgecombe County in 1746.

1749 Tax List, Granville Co., NC (abstracted by Forrest King):
• Willm. Cheek
• Richard Cheek
• Robert Cheek
1752 Tax List, Granville Co., NC:
• Richard CHEEK, 2 tithes ("himself & his brother Randall Cheek")
• Wil'm CHEEK, 1 tithe;
• Robert CHEEK, 1 tithe.
1753 Tax List, Granville Co., NC (abstracted by Forrest King):
• William CHEEK
• Robt. CHEEK

Sept. 4, 1753. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK witnesses a deed from Thomas ROBINSON to John GREEN conveying 200 acres on the south side of the Tar River whereon Wm GAUSS lived which was granted to Isaac HICKS. Other wits: Aaron FUSSELL, Hosea TAPLEY. (Granville DB 1, p.47; DB B, p.237.)

1754 Tax List, Granville Co., NC (abstracted by Forrest King): Wm. CHEEK and Wm. BLAKE Jr.

Mar. 1754. Bladen Co., NC. William CHEEK "late of the County of Granville . . . otherwise called William CHEEK of Bladen County" was sued for a debt by John PETERSON (or PATERSON). The action alleged that on Oct. 24, 1746, in the County of Granville, William CHEEK had obliged himself to pay John PETERSON on demand £9, 3 shillings. On the reverse of the record is written, "Paterson vs Cheek. Naro. Copy, To Jones Attorney. 640 acres of Land upon the South Side of Tar River begining at a Beach on the river bank then So.45E 320 poles to a white Oak then N.45E 320 poles to a red Oak then N.45W 320 poles to the river then S.45W up the River." (Source: Salisbury Dist. Superior Court, Civil Actions Concerning Land, General Court 1754, NC Archives Folder D.S.C.R.207.325.6.) Click here for a transcription posted on Rootsweb

July 10, 1754. Granville Co., NC. Richard CHEEK grants to William PENNION 200 acres on Fishing Creek originally patented by Joseph John ALSTON on Apr. 11, 1745. Wit: William CHEEK, Randall CHEEK, James HIGS, Richard PENNELL. (Granville Deed Book 1, p.50).

Oct. 8, 1754. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK and William BLAKE are listed on the muster roll of Capt. William EATON's Granville County Regiment (the Granville County Troopers), in Capt. Daniel HARRIS's Company. William CHEEK & Robert CHEEK are also listed in Capt. Sugan JONES Company. (Colonial Records of NC, Vol. 22, pp.374, 377.)

Nov. 28, 1754. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK is on a muster roll of the militia company under Capt. William HURST. The Captain notes that he has 39 men, besides officers, "But few fitted with Arms. Arms and Ammonition none." (Colonial Records of NC, Vol. 22, p.367.)

Mar. 4, 1755. Granville Co., NC. William BLAKE to William CHEEK both of Granville Co. ("who intermarried with my loving daughter Sarah") 250 acres on the north side of Fishing Creek, being part of a grant of 300 acres to the said William BLAKE dated Apr 1742. (Granville DB B, p.483).

1755 Tax List, Granville Co., NC.
• William CHEEK
• Richard CHEEK
• Randolph CHEEK

Mar 3, 1756. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK and Joseph PERSON ordered to work on a bridge over Fishing Creek. (Granville Court Records).

May 1756. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK witnesses a deed from David KELLY of Brunswick Co., VA, to William SHERRIN, conveying 200 acres on John JARRIS' line. (Granville Deed Book 1, pp.79-80.)

1758 Tax List, Granville Co., NC (abstracted by Forrest King): William CHEEK & Vinian PELF

June 27, 1758. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK witnesses a deed from William BLAKE of Johnston Co., NC, to James THOMPSON, conveying 150 acres on the north side of Great Fishing Creek, with 50 acres more to be taken out of William BLAKE's tract. Also wit: Randolph HAZELWOOD. (Granville DB 1, p.106)

Nov. 17, 1760. Granville Co., NC. Robert CHEEK granted 212 acres at William CHEEK's line in Granville, north side of Fishing Creek on Charles BARTHOLOMEW's. (Granville DB E, pp. 206-207).

Mar. 17, 1761. Granville Co., NC. William CHEEK is mentioned in a deed as a neighbor of Philemon HAWKINS and Charles BARTHOLOMEW on the north side of Fishing Creek. (Granville DB 4, p.265.)

Oct. 17, 1761. Granville Co., NC. Robert CHEEK "of Orange County" deeds to William CHEEK of Granville, 212 acres on William CHEEK's corner, north side of Fishing Creek at Charles BARTHOLOMEW's line. Price: £10. Wit: Cornealus TISON, Randal CHEEK, Jeffrey HORTON. (Granville DB 1, p.188.)

Undated Tax List, Granville Co., NC (probably 1764) (abstracted by Forrest King): William CHEEK and son John

A North Carolina tobacco field

Geographic Note: Bute County was formed from Granville County in 1764.

1766 Tax List, Bute Co., NC: William CHEEK

Mar. 4, 1767. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK purchases 1,000 acres from Joseph MONTFORT, on SWS of Great Fishing Creek at the mouth of Wolf Pit Branch adjoining Thomas TURNER, Barren Lick Branch, Solomon ALSTON, and Poor Creek (part of a patent to Edward MOSELEY, dec'd). (Bute Deed Book 2, pp.341-343). Deed proved by oath of Michael WHATLEY on Nov. 15, 1769. (Holcomb, Bute County, NC, Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779 (self pub., 1988), p.63.)

Feb. 1768. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK and others ordered to view and road striking out of the road leading from PARKS store to Fishing Creek Bridge at Mr. Solomon ALSTON's cart path the best & most convenient way in to the road leading from Jos. MONTFORT's Mill to Fishing Creek Bridge. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.13.)

May 1769. Bute Co., NC. Ordered that the hands formerly working under Isaac HUNTER living on the North side of Fishing Creek do work on the old road that CHEEK was formerly overseer of leading from Solomon ALSTON's to Fishing Creek bridge, and that William CHEEK be Overseer and that he Immediately repair the Same. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.49.)

Aug. 4, 1770. Bute Co., NC. Philip ALSTON of Bute Co. to William ALSTON, £100 VA money for 310 acres in Bute Co. from mouth of Buffeloe Creek to where Buffeloe empties into Fishing Creek, adj. PERSON and CHEEK. Wits: James MARRITT, William MATTOX. Rec. Aug. Court 1770. Registered Feb. 3, 1771, by William JOHNSON. (Bute DB 3, p.103.)

Nov. 7, 1770. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK conveys to his son John CHEEK 400 acres on Great Fishing Creek where the old road crosses Wolf Pit Branch, up the Main Creek to Lick Hole Branch & to Rocky Branch (land being a part of MOSELEY's patent). Wit: Jesse PERSON, Matthew DAVIS. (Bute DB 3, pp.132-133; Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.88.)

1771 Tax List, Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK and son John.

Feb. 11, 1772. On the Petition of John Austin FINNEY for Leave to Erect a Grist Mill on Fishing Creek Ordered that the County Surveyor in Company with Peter DAVIS, Francis CAPPS, John DINKINS & William CHEEK lay off and Value one Acre of Land on Each side the said Creek where the Petitioner intends to Erect his said Mill under their hands & seals, and report the same to the next Court. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.124.)

May 1774. Bute Co., NC. Ordered William CHEEK be continued as Overseer of the road as formerly. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.173.)

Aug. 9, 1774. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK Sr. to John SMITH, both of Bute Co., for £20 proclamation money, 150 acres from the Old Road to Lick Hole at the mouth of Poplar Branch adj. John CHEEK. Wit: Henry JACKSON & Samuel MANGUM. Ack'd by William CHEEK Aug. Court 1774. Reg. May 1775. (Bute DB 4, pp.260-262; Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.181)

Aug. 9, 1774. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK Sr. to Henry JACKSON, both of Bute Co., for £20 proclamation money, 200 acres on Pore Creek, to Poplar Spring Branch, down the Meadow Spring Branch to the Barren Lick Branch, adj. Solomon ALSTON. Wits: John SMITH & Samuel MANGUM. Ack'd by William CHEEK, Aug. Court 1774. Reg. May 30, 1775. (Bute DB 4, p.296; Warren DB 1, p.181; Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.181.)

Feb. 17, 1775. Bute Co., NC. Ordered that William CHEEK and Joseph DUKE procession the Lands from John JORDAN's to Reedy Creek thence down Reedy Creek to POWELL's road up that road to Peter DAVIS's up Great Fishing Creek to JORDAN's road. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.203)

May 12, 1775. Bute Co. NC. Ordered that William CHEEK, John CHEEK & William POWELL be serchers from Great Fishing Creek to Reedy Creek & from JORDAN road to the County Line, and from PARK's Store to DAVIS bridge the Ensuing Year. Same date, William CHEEK app'd constable. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.210.)

Aug. 22, 1775. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK is paid for a total of 43 days service in the Battalion of Minutemen and Volunteers of the District of Halifax under Col. Nicholas Long on an expedition to Norfolk Creek, VA. (Public Accounts (1-6) N.C. Comptrollers Office, pp. 335, 349, 365.)

Feb. 14, 1776. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK serves on a jury. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.223.)

July 8, 1775. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK served on the Bute County Committee of Safety and signed an oath that he would "endeavour to execute the Measures which the general Congress now sitting at Philadelphia may conclude for the preservation of our Constitution & opposing the Execution of the Several Arbitrary, & Illegal Acts of the British parliament".  [Note, the Committees of Safety were formed during the Revolutionary War to raise the militia and generally oversee matters of public safety and security.]  On Aug. 5, 1775, William Cheek signed an oath to "to hold our Selves in readiness to March to any part of this prov[ince], So. Carolina, or Virginia in defense of our Violated Rites and privileges." (Bute County Committee of Safety Minutes 1775-1776, pp. 27, 29.) 

1775-1776. Bute Co., NC. Wm. CHEEK (Weather's Dist.) signed Oaths of Allegiance to the State of North Carolina and against King George III. Also listed are Sirus [Silas?] CHEEK in Weather's Dist. and John CHEEK in Alston's Dist.

Feb. 13, 1777. Bute Co., NC. William CHEEK is appointed overseer of the road from Solomon ALSTON's to Fishing Creek bridge and that he keep the same in repair with the hands usually working thereon. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.237.)

Nov. 14, 1777. Bute Co., NC. Order that the hands that formerly work't under William CHEEK on the old road, work now on the new road under Isaac HUNTER overseer of the same. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.271.)

Nov. 8, 1779. Bute Co., NC. Henry JACKSON ack'd a deed to William CHEEK. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.342.)

Nov. 9, 1779. Bute Co., NC. John SMITH ack'd a deed to William CHEEK. (Holcomb, Bute Court Minutes, supra, p.343.)

Note: Bute County was abolished in 1779 and split into Warren and Franklin Counties.

After 1779, William is found in the records of Warren Co., NC.